3 Places to Party Like You’re In Munich This Oktoberfest

Those who’ve had the opportunity to visit Germany during Oktoberfest know that it is a festival that cannot be missed. Partygoers from all over the world congregate in Munich to have fun for the popular two-week celebration.

But, for those of us who aren’t as lucky and can’t leave the country, your partying hopes don’t have to be dashed. There are a number of places all over the United States that have embraced their German heritage and assembled festivals that rival the one held in Munich.

Looking to get in on the fun? Keep reading for three of the best places to party for the Oktoberfest holiday:

Las Vegas, Nevada

hofbrauhaus-las-vegas-foodWanna party like you’re in Bavaria? Hofbrauhaus is just the ticket. This Vegas Beer Hall offers as authentic an experience as you can get outside of Munich during this beer drinking holiday.

One step into this domain and you will feel as if you’ve been transported to Germany. We daresay it’s a near perfect replica of Munich’s Hofbrauhaus. It even serves its Dunkels and Hefes, which despite being brewed in the United States, are made using the very same recipes that they do in Bavaria. And with Vegas’ reputation for partying, it’s virtually guaranteed that you will not leave disappointed. Just make sure to bring your dirndls or your lederhosen so you can really get in the spirit during the celebrity keg tapping or while dancing to live Bavarian music.

San Francisco, California
If you would like a little bit of view with your fun, you should consider heading to Cali. Their Oktoberfest By the Bay celebration is held on San Francisco’s Pier 48 and overlooks the picturesque Mission Bay. And because September is arguably San Francisco’s most beautiful month of the year, you can expect the perfect sunny weather to really step things up.

This event is hosted by the city’s German American Society and sponsored by Spaten, a German brewery. Furthermore, there’s a 21-piece Chico Bavarian Band providing oompah music for both you and traditional Bavarian dancers to get footloose. And the delicious sausages and pretzels served here are excellent to help you soak up all the beer, which means you can party for even longer.

Cincinnati, Ohio
This particular festival is probably the shortest on this list – it takes place over the course of one short weekend in September. But, there’s a lot of party packed into the three days.

The celebration begins with the “Running of the Wieners,” which actually isn’t what it sounds like. This event features 100 dachshunds in hot dog costumes running to their owners on their short, adorable legs. There’s also the Goodwill Games, which include a barrel roll and beer stein race.

Another highlight is the world’s biggest Chicken Dance, where Oktoberfest Zinzinnati attendees try to break the record of 48,000 set back in 1994. And although Sam Adams is the main sponsor, you can expect to see beer tents featuring German beers like Weihenstephan and Erdinger.

There you have it – three of the best places to party in the United States during Oktoberfest. You’re welcome. Just remember to raise one stein in the air for us while you partying like you’re in Munich.

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