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Keg TypeOunces
Cost per Keg:
Price per Glass:
Glass size (ounces):
Only complete one of these three:
Yield per keg:
Revenue per keg:
Glasses per keg:
Keg consumption per month:
Yearly keg consumption:
Results per Keg:
Yield loss per keg:
Revenue loss per keg:
Glass loss per keg:
Cumulative loss over 1 year per faucet
Expected yield improvement with TurboTap implementation: Expected yield with TurboTap in place:
Cumulative savings / improved revenues over 1 year with TurboTap
Cost of TurboTap Implementation:
Tower Lift:
Site Assessment-Corporate Clients Only:
Projected 12 month Profit
of Turbo Tap Install per Faucet
Total Profit Estimates
Total Faucets
Year 1 results of TurboTap Implementation
Installation Cost:
Cumulative Savings:

Note: This spreadsheet is based on modeling the information provided by the establishment owner and theoretical assumptions.

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