Bringing Oktoberfest to Your Yard: What You Need to Know


Oktoberfest is finally upon us! Everybody knows that a trip to Munich during this time is a must for every bucket list. But, if you can’t make it this year, there’s still good news to be had.

oktoberfest-2For those of us who have gotten a late start, have families to take care of, or just don’t have the funds to fly to Germany, the next few weeks don’t have to be filled with melancholy and sadness. You don’t have to resort to spending your favorite holiday at your local bar, trying to get into whatever Oktoberfest-like event they’re holding either.

Oktoberfest lasts two weeks, so if you want to enjoy the festivities, it’s not too late. Simply hold your own version at your house, it’s much more fun anyways. Plus, as an added bonus, you won’t have to deal with obnoxious strangers ogling the girls in their costumes. All you have to do is call up some of your closest friends and turn your backyard into your own beer tent.

No idea how to get started? This is where we come in – here’s your comprehensive guide to bringing Oktoberfest to a backyard near you:

The Bier

oktoberfest-beerWe can’t talk about Oktoberfest without discussing beer, especially Marzenbier. Not only is this beer delicious, its history is intriguing as well – think early artisans using cold caves to keep their brews cool.

Still, the whole point of having your own party is to drink a ton of beers in a festive atmosphere. Thankfully, there are a great number of solid Oktoberfest beer options to be had in America. Simply do a quick internet search or ask the attendants at your local liquor store for some great options.

The Music
No Oktoberfest is complete without its official song, Ein Prosit. You might have to get some flashcards to learn it but, it isn’t that bad. In fact, you may find that the more beer you drink, the more you’ll love it. You’re also going to want to add some oompah (think polka but with a lot more brass) to your playlist.

The Food
oktoberfest-3Another great aspect of Oktoberfest are the piles of mouthwatering German foods to choose from. Potatoes, sauerkraut, bratwurst, pretzels – it’s all delicious. The best way to provide this experience at home is to simply lay it out buffet-style and let everyone eat at their leisure.

Great considerations include:

  • Bratwursts: Oktoberfest isn’t the same without some brats, so fire up your grill and go for it. Or, if you’re in a lazy mood, simply throw some in a slow cooker (along with a bottle of beer) for a tasty variation.
  • Pretzels: You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a pretzel with your beer. Like pizza and ranch dressing, it’s an unlikely pairing that’s delicious as all get out. Something about the slightly crunchy, salty snack filled with steamy goodness that just hits the right spot when paired with an Oktoberfest beer.
  • German Potato Salad: Forget the traditional American-style potato style fare that you’re used to consuming. The German version is a tangy and warm celebration of yummy goodness.

The Ambiance
Like all good holidays that we’ve somehow managed to make about good food and booze, you might as well dress the part to indulge even more in the festive atmosphere. So, men grab your lederhosen and women put on your dirndl dress, it’s time to party like you’re in Germany!



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