The Perfect Pour

You’ve seen it in all the commercials: sighed as the smooth flow of amber liquid, thirsted as the glossy nectar ascends to the rim, and licked your lips in anticipation when the frothy foam forms a cloud that floats atop a perfectly poured beer.

Don’t you wish you could pour beer like that? Every single time?

Pouring Perfect Beer With Science!
We can help you pour that perfect pint of beer! It’s just a question of fluid dynamics. And if you slept through high school physics (don’t worry, so did we) we’re simply talking about controlling the flow of the beer.

To achieve a perfect pour, Turbo Taps controls the flow of your beer all the way to the bottom of the glass. This limits the negative effects of gravity and allows the beer to run from underneath the head. This encourages the server to to pour one way- the perfect way – every time.

With TurboTap, even the most novice servers will learn to pour a perfect beer in seconds!

The Anatomy of a Perfect Pour
It all starts with a healthy beer system. You need to have clean beer lines, coupler faucets and TurboTaps. Also, your draft system should store beer at the proper pressure and at the brewery recommended temperature.

The perfect pour always begins with a new glass or pitcher. Then, TurboTap 2.0 will afford you absolute control of the flow of the beer through its bottom-up filling technology. In turn, this will facilitate the proper break out of foam, delivering the brewery recommended ½” to 1” collar on every pour.

The TurboTap 2.0 Advantage
TurboTap 2.0 eliminates turbulence and allows the beer temperature to stay consistent from keg to glass. You see, our system is free of any rubber O-rings that prevent your beer system from chilling your whole faucet. And it can be used on any type of glass as well as pitchers!

What Are You Waiting For?
Every beer you pour should be perfect. A perfect pour guarantees a perfect look and perhaps even more importantly, the perfect taste.

Don’t settle for anything less. Pre-order today!

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